Energy & Railway (E&R)

In view of the high growth potential of the oil and gas industry, Ingress Fabricators Sdn Bhd (IFSB) was formed in 2004. Formerly known as Ben Omar Sdn Bhd, the key personnel at IFSB have built their reputation in the oil and gas sector with vast and varied experience in the industry. IFSB is licensed by PETRONAS and has secured several contracts for the construction of jacket and topside for Esso and Shell. The company also offers maintenance service along with E&I expertise to clients such as PETRONAS, Talisman, Chevron Texaco, etc. The company leverages the management expertise of Ingress Corporation Berhad in achieving its vision in the Oil & Gas Industry. The company is accredited with the ISO 9001: 2000 Certification.

IFSB’s vision is to be a leader in the Oil & Gas industry, providing par excellent engineering services to its clients. The goal is to be a one-stop offshore service provider having the capabilities to provide major fabrication services, hook-up and commisioning works, offshore installation services for marine vessels, and total engineering and maintenance services in the downstream sector, offering the full range of engineering services to the industry.

It maintains the industry standards for its products and services which include fabrication of offshore structures, plant maintenance, turnaround and shutdown, corrosion engineering and electrical and instrumentation (E&I) system. Success is maintained continually by providing efficient services, products and technologies without neglecting safety, health and environmental issues.

Employees of IFSB are continuously trained through various in-house and on-site programs. They are given the best technological knowledge and are treated as the most important assets of the company.



Structural fabrication of offshore structures

Jacket-  monopod,tripod, 4-ledgged and 8-legged, intergrated topsides, process and production modules, water injection modules, living quarters, furnace and boilers, FPSO / FSO Conversion and process desks, turret and mooring buoy

Fabrication and installation of piping system for offshore facilities

Duplex, stainless steel, copper nickel, low temp and carbon steel piping, galvanized pipe, and PVC Pipe, system hydro- testing, bolt tensioning and hydra-tight, process system piping packages, water injection package, chemical injection package, compression and dehydration package

 Electrical and Instrumentation and Commissioning of Offshore Facilities

Fabrication and installation of E&I System for offshore modules, work includes install cables, cable trays, glanding, termination, loop check and testing and calibration of instruments, Installation and Commissioning of E&I Equipment and System, Skid Mounted Package

 Engineering Procurement

 Manpower and Labour Supply

 Professional, skilled and unskilled

 Maintenance, Shutdown and Turnaround

 Integrated Maintenance Fabrication/Painting Works

Mainly concentrated in the oil and gas and petrochemicals industries servicing clients such as EPMI, Petronas

Carigali, Tioxide, Amoco Chemicals, WR Grace, FPG Oleochemicals and other sector of oil/gas activities such as exploration and drilling companies.

 Shutdown and Turnaround Works

Vessel Cleaning, insulation works-hot & cold, boiler cleaning, scaffolding works, blasting and painting, valves refurbishment and overhaul and supply of skilled manpower.

Fabrication new heat exchanger tube bundle & re-tubing heat exchanger, fabrication of new air finned cooler & re-tubing of  Air finned cooler and fabrication of test ring.


-       To establish design calculation, drawings & fabrication procedure for submission to DOSH for approval prior to commencement of the new tube bundle.

-       To supply of new tube materials, tube sheets & baffle plates, consumables, manpower, tools and equipment for new tube bundle fabrication works.

-       Liaise with DOSH to witness of the Hydrostatic test (HT) at shop

-       Supply of one complete set of commissioning gaskets and “o” rings.

-       Provision of manufacturing data report (MDR).

-       Transportation of the new tube bundles to site free on truck excluding unloading works.

 Piping Fabrication For Above Ground Piping Work

Ingress fabricators sdn bhd has been awarded above ground piping works package 3 contract on 1st march 2013 with total dia-inch 220,000 at SAMUR Project Sipitang.

The project schedule is 16 months with the provision of 3 months additional provision in the account.

 Electrical and instrumentation works

Consultation, design and hook up and commissioning, supply of Instrument Technicians, custom- made and design system for facilities including PSV  Test Facilities for offshore and onshore workshop, CDFT Panels, Deluge Panels, Fusible Plug Loop Panels, Pressurisation Upgrade, Electrical & Instrument as-built drawing, Autocad facilities and pressure gauge calibration.

 Mechanical Repairs and Maintenance Services

Workshop facility at Terengganu undertakes all types of mechanical repairs, overhaul and modification for both static and rotating equipment. Static equipment being ball valves, control valves, pressure safety valves, pneumatic testing and certification per the relevant, API, ANSI, ASTM testing methods. Rotating equipment undertaken include gas compressors, turbines, pumps including submersibles, centrifugal and plunger types.

Corrosion Engineering


Engineering Services

 On Site appraisal for Cathodic Protection Systems Audits and Assets Integrity Management

 Problem Troubleshooting for Assets Integrity Studies, Feasibility and Cost Studies, Risk Characterization

 Engineering Design for Design and Materials Specifications, Performance

 Specifications, Calling Tenders and Tenders Appraisal

 Preliminary Investigations, Corrosion Inspection

 Client Training - Courses, Lectures, Commissioning and testing

 Expert Witness - Design Checks and Review Failures, Failure Analysis

 Surveys - Coating Defect Surveys, Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG), GPS, CIPS

 Cathodic Protection System Integrity Survey

 High Voltage Alternating Current Mitigation (HVAC)

 Painting and Blasting

Piping Installation & Maintenance

   - Provide engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning to the oil & gas and petrochemical industries for piping installation work.

     -   To deliver in timely manner and to the highest standard of safety and quality

     -     Experience in pipeline maintenance and repair and proud to be one of the leading specialize contractor in           this field.

    -       Involved in the excavation, direct inspection / defect assessment, rectification, backfilled and reinstatement for transmission pipeline maintenance project.

-       Explore new technologies for the purpose of pipeline inspection and repair

-       Direct Assessment works for unpiggable pipeline which involve CIPS, DCVG, PCM survey to detect potential pipeline defects for External Corrosion Direct Assessment.

-       Involvement in Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment Flow analysis to predict potential area where internal piping corrosion will / may occur.

Pipeline & Structure Repair Product

-           Appointed agency for “Aquawrap” a composite system for use in repair of existing mechanical systems,        structures, tanks and piping with 50 years long term permanency

-         Aquawrap is non-hazardous, works underwater, low cost and easy installation without adhesive                  disbondment issues makes it the most effective solution for pipeline and structure repair

 -           It is a DOT compliant, NCCER certified and being the most tested engineered product.


Areas of Expertise


 Power Stations-Coal/Gas/Integrated Fired

Design Zof Integrated CP systems, Coal Unloading Jetty CP, Sheet Pile Wall CP, Condenser/Heat

Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Cooling Water Intake Systems


 Buried, submarine and outfall pipelines

Bullet LPG Pressure Vessels, Oil & Gas Pipelines, Water Pipelines



Wharves, Offshore Platforms, Docks


 Buildings and Plant

Reinforced Concrete, Power Stations, Mass Rapid Transit Systems, Bridges


 Structural Piling, Well Casings

Sheets Piles, Deep Wells, Oil Casings, Mine Shafts


 Processing Plants

Paper Mills, Oleo Chemicals, Fertilizers


 Earthing Systems and Induced Voltage

Cross Country Pipelines, Valve Stations


 Remote Monitoring & Control Systems


 Electromagnetic Interference & Mitigation


Wellhead Control Panel And Instrumentation (WHCP)


-  Design, fabricate, assemble, supply, test and commission control panels such as Wellhead Control Panel, Process Instrument Control Panel, Pneumatic/Hydraulic Control Panel, PLC Based Control Panel, Process Instrument Test Benches, etc.

    -   Design, integrate, supply, test and commission PLC Based Fire Gas System, Safety Shutdown
        System, Process Control System, etc.

    -   Supply, test and commission instruments or products represented by us.    


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