Automotive Components Manufacturing (ACM)

Ingress Technologies Sdn Bhd (“Ingress Technologies”) is a pioneer and a specialist manufacturer of complete 'door-in-white' for the passenger car market in Malaysia. The 'door-in-white' product is a complete door assembly unit consisting of outer and inner door panel and door sash. As one of the few vendors that manufactures 'door-in-white' in the region and with the Group’s strong presence in Thailand, Ingress Technologies is poised to expand its technical expertise and be a major player in the manufacturing and supply of the product for the regional market.

Beginning 2005, one of the key customers for Ingress Technologies decided to change its policy to produce all ‘A’-class parts in-house. Therefore Ingress Technologies had to migrate to producing ‘B’-class parts including under rear module and door child parts. A-class parts involve large machines that weigh more than 1000 tonne. While B-class parts involve medium machines between 500 to 1000 tonne, C-class parts involve machines lower than 250 tonne.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology in the manufacturing of its products, the Company’s manufacturing process utilizes high-level automated press lines complete with robotic transfer mechanism and automated assembly line incorporating welding facilities. The high automation manufacturing processes ensures high degree of precision, consistency of quality, high productive output and efficient use of manpower.

  • Door-in-white
  • Stamping components
  • Body panels
  • Assembly of body parts


Presently, Ingress Technologies manufactures and supplies complete 'door-in-white' for Malaysia second national carmaker PERODUA for its Kancil models. The Company is also involved in the assembly of apron for PERODUA and other door related products for PROTON.

  • Perodua
  • Naza Automotive Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (NAM)


Ingress Technologies Sdn. Bhd.

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