• Technological Craftsmanship Par Excellence

The Ingress team has mastered the art of component manufacturing; perfecting the specialised skills of roll forming, jointing, bending and stamping with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and world class standards. Domestic industry players, Proton and Perodua, have long acknowledged Ingress superiority, with their contemporaries in Thailand and Indonesia subsequently joining Ingress growing list of customers.

The emphasis in moulding human resources provides the impetus to power our engineering competencies. Our team is inspired to develop even the most complex designs into readily accepted products to meet the need of the global competition.

  • Moulding components

Ingress Group is equipped with the most advanced technologies in the design and manufacture of roll-formed co-extruded moulding components and weatherstrips for the automotive industry. The co-extruded moulding components are used to seal around windows, doors and other gaps or joints on the vehicle's interiors and exteriors. The company manufactures a wide range of plastic co-extruded moulding components that include beltline mouldings, weatherstrips, roof pillar drip moulding components and window mouldings in compliance with international standards and specifications.

  • Impact System

Trapezoidal and tubular impact beam systems produced at Ingress are highly acclaimed in the automotive market. The trapezoidal impact beam systems are produced using cutting edge roll forming technology. The trapezoidal impact beams produced using high tensile steel offer greater safety for different types of vehicles. Co-developed with Lotus Engineering Co., the trapezoidal impact beam, functions as an active collision impact protector thus providing enhanced safety for occupants.

  • Door Sash

Ingress manufactures a wide range of international standard roll-formed metal automotive door sash and related components. The door sash frame is a steel assembly within the car door system that supports the window. The company utilises roll-forming technology and robotic plasma welding technology to ensure that the product is strong, durable yet lightweight with an attractive sleek finish.

  • Automotive Door Assemblies (Door-In-White)

The company specializes in the manufacture of complete door-in-white automotive door assemblies and other door related products for the automotive car components market. We utilize high-level automated press lines complete with robotic transfer mechanism and hemming machinery to produce the door-in-white. The door-in-white is a complete door assembly unit consisting of outer and inner door panel and door sash.

  • Bellows

Ingress manufactures a wide range of bellows (also known as flex joint), which absorb engine vibrations in medium and upper level passenger cars and commercial vehicles including pickups with diesel engines. The bellows consist of a roll-formed steel tube surrounded by braided steel and is employed only when vibration suppression is essential.

  • Heat Management

Ingress manufactures state-of-the-art Panel Heat Protector (Heatshield) heat management system to enhance overall comfort of car passengers. The Panel Heat Protector (Heatshield) heat management systems are made with amalgamation of multi-layer aluminium thus providing effective yet lightweight heat management solutions for vehicles.