About Us
What sets the Group apart is our technology of manipulating metals as if it were plastic. These advanced methods allow us to perform feats such as roll forming, stretch bending and rotary bending, which give rise to tremendous possibilities of producing parts with complex sections and shapes.

Roll forming of metal coil in particular, enables the production of continuous and uniform sections of diverse complexity and therefore offers the possibility of achieving lower cost, high strength products. Sections or profiles with negative angles or large depth-to-width ratios, which cannot be processed through stamping can be roll formed with ease. The very nature of roll forming is such that it is inherently a more economical process, which produces zero scraps and allows for varying cut-off lengths.
These roll formed sections can then undergo stretch bending, or rotary bending processes, to give them the compound angle bends which transforms them into graceful three dimensional structures that can match the styling shape of any vehicle.

In addition, the above-mentioned technologies facilitate the manufacturing of various automotive parts from the currently available high strength steel material. This capability plays an integral part in feeding into the current worldwide trend of introducing lighter auto bodies made of steel.

Over more than a decade of manufacturing different products for various clients, our technical team has acquired valuable know-how in utilising the roll forming, joining and bending technologies. Nevertheless, to keep up with rapid technological developments and to accelerate the learning process, the Group has secured and put in place an on-going technical assistance agreement with Katayama Kogyo of Japan, as well as other types of collaborative arrangements with companies using similar technologies from outside the region. For our expansion programme in the ASEAN countries, we deployed our key technical personnel as expatriates to impart the relevant knowledge and technology to the local team members.